March 17 Clubcast is Now Available: 19th meeting: Eighth Meeting of 2015. Voltage Regulators, Surge Protectors, Powerline Network Extenders, MacBook and USB-C, and lots more

Hi Clubbers,

Someone had brought up the issue of getting the Windows 8 single language addition (brought with a new laptop in Guaymas) switched from Spanish to English. I think I found the answer here, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Other then that we covered: Powerline Network Extenders, Regulators, surge protectors. Also, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Nobreaks, and the new Apple MacBook with the new USB-C standard.

As always, we covered even more then that.

It was a fun meeting. If you didn’t get to listen to attend, and missing the live audio stream, then you can still hear the meeting as a podcast through the iTunes store, or here on our blog from the player bellow this post.

See you guys next Tuesday.

Till then, Tech On!

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