Wow! How Secure is your Instant Messenger? Check out the EFF’s Scorecard for Instant Messenger| Electronic Frontier Foundation

Hi Clubbers,

I had to share this!

Follow the link to see how your favorite Instant Messenger program score’s on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Secure Messaging Scorecard | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Highlights: AOL Instant Messenger has one of the worst security scores, but it’s quick followed by Facebook, Google Hangouts/Chat, Skype,  WhatsApp, and SnapChat. I haven’t ever heard of the majority of the most secure instant messenger apps . I can’t make any recommendations, however maybe this is a good reason to explore a new instant messenger app.


The problem with instant messenger apps is that you use the app your friends and family, and clients use. Switching IM apps is much hard then you’d think. You really need a whole community to change or you’ll always be going back when you need to reach people that didn’t change.

Anyway,  it’s an interesting table. Check it out at:



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