Telmex Internet Outage on April 23

Hi Everybody,

I thought I would quickly follow-up on the internet outage that many people suffered yesterday.

What was the Problem and Who did it effect?
The problem was with a local router. The router may be physically connected in San Carlos or (more likely) in Guaymas. The problem seems to have been isolated to a Uninet route, meaning (more then likely) it only effected Telmex customers. This type of problem effects a local area. It can effect all customers or a smaller subset customers.

What does this mean to you?
This mean that  your home network was fine. Also, your connection to and through Telmex was fine. The problem was that the next route was not fine. The connection from Telmex on had a problem.

What can you do to fix the problem?
NOTHING. There was nothing you could have done  to fix this type of problem. Everything under your control is working correctly. It is Telmex’s Link to and through Uninet that is having problems, and you can’t do anything to fix that.

Should you report it to Customer Support?
I have real mixed feeling about this. Someone needs to, and undoubtedly does, report these types of problems. However, customer support is more likely to have you resetting your modem, and change your  home network settings, trying to help you solve a problem that doesn’t exist in your network.  If you’re one of the first to report this problem, then you’ll be resetting your home network and still not getting the problem fixed. However, if customer support knows what’s going on (and it’s getting repaired,) then you may only get told to wait till it’s been fixed. I don’t really recommend calling customer support first.

What Should you do?
Call me and see if I am connected; or call anyone you know locally with an internet connection. Find out if you’re the only one with a problem. Make sure to call someone on the same internet service provider (ie, if you’re a Telmex customer, then call a friend that uses Telmex.) Also, try calling a friend in your local area, and then outside of your local area (ie, if you live in Tecali, call a friend in Tecali; if they are having the same problem, then call someone outside of Tecali like the Country Club, etc., etc.) If you are the only one with a problem, then maybe you should called your customer support.

Other then that, just sit back and wait for Telmex (or whichever internet service provider you use) to fix the problem.

This morning everything appears to be back to normal on Telmex. During the outage I can verify that Telcel wireless internet (cell phone) was working just fine. If  anyone has info more information to contribute please let me know by email, or a comment here at this blog post.

Scott, headNerd at international computer solutions

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