Podcast from Club Meeting for March 25, 2014 is Now Available: Because last week’s was lost, this is #22: Router, Browsers, and Service

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 by Scott Stimson

We had a good meeting. A lot of nice people and interesting conversation. We never got to my Roku stories, so I guess we’ll save them for another time. We did talk about debugging internet issues, configuring routers, trouble-shooting browsers’ problems, and cloud services such those from Google and Microsoft. We also talked about a few cool products:

Ping Plotter (www.pingplotter.com) – tool to track the health of an internet connection from your computer to a particular server.
luxa2 groovy magic boombox – portable a simple speaker for any phone, no pairing required.
Automatic Link (www.automatic.com)- makes any car post 1996 a smart car using an OBD2 adapter and a smart phone application.

If you missed the meeting, then it’s not a total lost. You can listen to it from the link bellow, or you can always find recordings of our meetings in iTunes Store (search: The San Carlos Computer Club.)

See you guys next Tuesday.

Tech on!

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