Today had big Technical Problems: No Stream, and No Recording for a PodCast

Wow. What a bummer :(
Due to technical difficulties during the meeting we didn’t have a live stream or get a RECORDING!

We talked a lot about the Roku media player, and the Plex media server.  There was lots of useful info that I am very sorry, we don’t have recorded. I am sure we’ll talk more on this topic in future meetings.

I am a quick fan of the combination of these two platforms (Plex and Roku.) In the future this will be a great value to people with collections of digital content (such as movies, TV shows, music, pictures, etc.) The are a lot of advantages when using Plex for organizing and distributing  your digital content. It’s distributive nature makes it a perfect way to share a library on many different devices, such as, smart phone, laptop, PC, roku, AppleTV, xBox, etc. This sharing can occur in the home network, as well as, across the internet. The media library is organized from online databases that provide titles, credits, synopses, and graphics, for example, movie posters, and DVD covers. It is very cool.

Here is a video of some one showing off the Plex media server. IT’s not the greatest video, but as an introduction to Plex, it’s the best I’ve found so far.

Oh well… I know what went wrong today. So we should be back next week. Until then, try out our new chat-room, keep coming back to the blog for insights, and….Tech on!

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