Next Club Meeting is on Tuesday March 11, 2014 9:15am at Tequilas in San Carlos

Come for the computer help!
Come for the Entertainment!
Come for the coffee.

Don’t come if you hate computers, cause that’s a different meeting!

At our club we want to embrace the nuances of digital technology in all it’s forms. Or we want to be part of a community dedicate to sharing helpful information. Or we enjoy a good breakfast and interesting conversation about technology, Mexico, and how it intertwines with the lives of ex-pats. Regardless, you are all welcome, and bring your questions.

If you want to prep for a question, then post it as comments on any post from this blog (i.e., You could post your question as a comment bellow on this very page, and I’ll address it in our meeting.

I’ll see you all next Tuesday.

Tech On!


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