Club Meeting! December 03, 2013 Black Friday Frauding, VPNs, and routers oh my!

Hi everybody,

I’ve had a lot going on. Our daughter Viviana is turning 6 this Saturday, and we’ve been getting prepared. Also, I did a major change to the B&B ( website. I have switched it from using static html pages to php pages (it’s  a pain, and if it all goes right, nobody should see any difference at all…hmmm?…why am I doing that? there was good reason, but after four hours of debugging, I lost the reason)…I finally finished, and I was right. Everything looks the same (or only slightly glitchy.) Also,  we had the pleasure of traveling with Russ and Lynn to Hermosillo for immigration papers thanks to Yuya (I’d lost without her.) Anyway, my point is that I’ve been a little busy and that’s why this last meeting is late.

We had a good discussion. We talked about the Black Friday inferior TV products article from USA Today. We answered some good questions on VPNs services and hardware.

Check it out.


Please comment on anything you find helpful.


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