Next Club Meeting is Today at 9:15am at Tequila’s in San Carlos – everybody’s welcome

Hi everybody,

Well, I am behind schedule…again. However, Phyllis is a head of the game. On Sunday she sent out the following message:

“As usual the computer club will be meeting on Tuesday am.  Visit Viva San Carlos for more details.”

– Phyllis, Nov. 24, 2013

I didn’t get a chance to check what she had posted on, however I imagine it’s some more details about our club.

People meet at Tequila’s early and do breakfast (around 8:15-8:30ish,) then we have the meeting at 9:15am.  For those of you that cannot come down to Tequila’s, but would enjoy listening, then come back to this website (i.e., at 9:15amish and listen to the live stream. If you got something else to do at that time, then come back later in the week after I have published a recording of the meeting as a podcast. Also, you can find our podcast in the iTunes store by searching “The San Carlos Computer Club.”

Thanks and I’ll see you guys at 9:15am.

Scott Stimson, International Computer Solutions

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