Next Club Meeting is Tomorrow at 9:15am – We will miss you Phyllis! Keep listening and contributing

Hello All,

I wanted to take a moment to thank Phyllis for continuing to anounce our scheduled meetings.  For years, she has been announcing our up-coming meetings though email and discussion groups (e.g., Recently, she has left San Carlos and gone back to the USA. She will be listening to our live stream, and continuing to anounce our up-coming meetings.  We very much appreciate this and I am going to re-posting her messages on this blog.

“Welcome back to the new arrivals. The computer club is in full force and the next meeting of the computer club will be on Tuesday at 9:15 am. Breakfast group meets at 8:30 am. We meet in the back room at Tequila’s.”

 – Phyllis, Nov 9, 2013

As always, if you can’t be here, then come back to the blog (,) and tune into our live stream, or later in the week after I’ve published the podcast.

Thanks to everyone. Thanks again to Phyllis.

Scott Stimson

International Computer Solutions

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