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August 09, 2022 :45: Virtual Meeting #126

This blog post is a podcast found at: https://www.sccclub.org/2022/08/09/meeting-45-august-09-2022-beginning-at-10am-utc-0700-virtual-meeting-126/

The 45th meeting of the 2021-2022 Club season schedule.

Questions and Topics:

  1. Android 13 with Linda – OnePlus 8.0. 
  2. https://embrlabs.com/ Part Body. Part Mind. All Natural. 
  3. Robots: Window washer: https://www.amazon.com/HOBOT-298-Cleaning-Automatic-Ultrasonic-Smartphone/dp/B07LF4HZ6C?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  4. Three Laws of Robotics – He explains in an open-access paper: The First Law fails because of ambiguity in language, and because of complicated ethical problems that are too complex to have a simple yes or no answer. The Second Law fails because of the unethical nature of having a law that requires sentient beings to remain as slaves.
  5. https://openinsulin.org/

  1. I am in Alaska for B&B this summer, however, I will continue holding virtual meetings throughout the summer until I return. Our plans for future in-person meetings are postponed until the first Tuesday of October. We will continue to shape our protocols for that future meeting with the list found at the bottom of this document.
  2. Podcast production has ceased for the summer. It wasn’t intentional, but there have not been enough hours in the day, and something had to give. I hope to startup again by the time we return to Mexico (even if it may be sporadic.) Let me know if there is any big demand and I’ll make it a higher priority.


Remote Computer and I.T. Help: remote@internationalcs.net

Today’s YouTube Meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCSabHiWGK4


Recommended Movies & Shows List

Recommended Movies
  • GOLD
  • Wedding Season
  • Bullet Train
Recommended Shows
  • In From The Cold
Recommended Apps
  • Merlin – bird ID app to identify birds.

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Protocols for In-person Meetings (Coming in October):

Given the current COVID situation we have postponed in-person meetings until after I return from Alaska (October.) Please list any protocols you feel we should be following.
  1. We will follow Mexican Federal guidelines given the local COVID situation. 
  2.  9:15 am on Tuesdays
  3. Open windows and ceiling fans.
  4. Allow for remote members to participate live, at least by audio.
  5. We will meet together, assuming that you are vaccinated. We will NOT police vax records, we will be on the honor system. Please, attend the virtual meeting if you are not vaccinated.
  6. If our table layout has us facing each other then masks will be required.

Join Us.

We Welcome all Technology Enthusiasts.

We hold virtual meetings every Tuesday at 10am. We use Google Meet with code: [rgb-rrgc-gqp]. This code will probably be the same for the next meeting. Check our blog at sccClub.org for any changes.

Our Meet is scheduled on Google Calendar. To get an invitation you must provide me your Google account id. We also, send reminders by email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress, so follow and subscribe to the appropriate feeds.

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Looking for something to watch? Check out our recommended movies and shows list hosted on Trakt.tv at: https://trakt.tv/users/sccclub-org/lists/recommended-movies-and-shows

All this, from your club and  Scott Stimson, our friendly neighborhood tech guy, and head-nerd at International Computer Solutions.

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