Microsoft has posted: New Windows XP data transfer tool and end of support notifications

I just read, on Microsoft’s Windows Blog, that they are providing a free copy of LapLink’s PCmover Express to users of Windows XP that need to move their stuff to a new Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 computer. This utility (supposedly, cause I haven’t actually used it…yet,) will transfer music, videos, pictures, documents, settings, and all other things associated with your user profile to a new Windows computer.

Also, one of Windows XP’s future updates will include a count-down pop-up notice to remind you of how much time is left before support is dropped for your operating system. Basically, it’s nagWare, but with a genuine purpose.Check the links bellow for more info.

Thanks, tech on, I’ll see you on Tuesday!



“XP is ‘five times’ more susceptible to electronic attack than is Windows 8.1,” says Microsoft. – Quoted from Paul Thurotts article here ->

Windows Blog Post -> New Windows XP data transfer tool and end of support notifications.:


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